Product Features


“One wallet” can be downloaded on smartphones which use iOS or Android.



♦  QR Payment

♦  Top up via banks, Convenience stores and Credit card          

♦  Cash withdrawal via Convenience stores, Bank Transfer and Local cash outlet

♦  Global Remittance

♦  Peer to Peer (P to P) payment request 


— Benefits —


♦  Saves traditional bank charges for global payment transfers

♦  Enjoys the attractive bundle discounts at department stores and designated public transportation

♦  Promotes cash-less society

♦  Provides convenience to both the sender and recipient for global payment transfers

♦  Safest and easiest way to manage your credit cards if all bundle in “one-wallet”

♦  QR code is constantly changing for better security purpose

♦  Better cost control to ease “peace of mind”

♦  Clear transaction history for better record keeping purposes